Friday, September 13, 2013

Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick Review

I love my lipsticks and I have to say one of my most favourite is YSL rouge volupte range. The gold mirror packaging is so chic and sleek and the formula is creamy and highly pigmented, keeping my lips hydrated.

In my little collection I have a combination of YSL Rouge Volupte and YSL Rouge Volupte Shine which is the new range. Sadly the rouge volupte is being discontinued, so get them while you can! :)  

(photos taken myself)


 from left to right:
rouge volupte 13 - peach passion
rouge volupte 15 - extreme coral 
rouge volupte 27 - rose paris 
rouge volupte shine 12 - coral incandescent 
rouge volupte 11 - rose culte
rouge volupte shine 5 - fuchsia in excess 

differences between rouge volupte shine and rouge volupte:
  • rouge volupte shine formula is more sheer compared to rouge volupte however, the lipstick is buildable to desired colour.
  • rouge volupte shine do not have spf 15. 

  • high pigmentation
  • long-lasting
  • creamy formula
  • hydrating
  • subtle scent
  • gold packaging
  • spf 15 (rouge volupte range only)
  • costly ($55AUD) 
  • stains a little

Vannie xo